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· How long does it take to prepare my order?
In general, it takes us one to three days to prepare your package. You will receive a confirmation letter of shipping as soon as we hand it over to the mail carriers. Normally during the week, it will take one to three days to prepare your order. Holidays, Weekends, Fridays, and Mondays are exceptions. In those days, we either do not work or may not get to all the orders. Allow us one to three days to prepare your order.


· Does ysLux.com ship to an international location?
Yes. We do. However, please note that some manufacturer’s policy strictly prohibits oversea sales for its territorial protection. The US, Canada, APO, FPO, and US minor islands are our scope of operation. We suggest that if you have a friend or family in these regions, it is good to order through them. We will only be responsible for the shipping to the aforementioned destination. For further information , please refer to International shipping or e-mail to us.


· I did not receive my confirmation letter!
Since we send you confirmation letter automatically, it is very important for you to provide us with a correct email address. Be sure to check for any typos in your email address. We recommend that you copy and paste your email address from the email program or address book. Please do not put "www" or "http" before your email address.


· Can I call to place an order?
No. Our past experience shows that phone orders not only caused many errors but also revealed potential security problems. Unless you have technical problems in placing an order, we cannot accept your phone order. You can still order manually by emailing us. Email orders must include:
1. credit card number
2. credit card expiration date
3. billing address
4. phone number
5. shipping address
Please email it to
customerservice@ysLux.com to order via email.


· What happens if I happen to order out-of-stock items?
Although it does not frequently happen, you can end up ordering out-of-stock items. We update our website once per day, normally in the morning. Before we update our stock status, you still can purchase out-of-stock items. It can happen when a customer before you, took the last item or when you order more than what we have in stock. If this over-buying happens, we go out and find the stock from our distributors. However, if we still cannot fulfill your out-of-stock items, we send you an email regarding cancellation of your order.


· I don't see any buy button for what I want. How should I buy it?
When you can't see the buy button, it means it is temporary out-of-stock. We take out buy buttons to prevent customers from over-buying.


· All products at ysLux.com are genuine and fresh?
Yes. Unlike many internet retailer, we own and operate many off-line stores with the brand name accounts. Naturally, our product are the same quality as you buy at department store. What you experience on our website is much less price than what you usually pay for the same



· Do you wholesale for large volume?
We do offer volume order for corporate customers , we are stick to
our business principle as an internet-based retailer. Therefore we do not wholesale to large volume of commercial order.


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